Our Policy as Royal Cam:

  • To comply with the legal regulations regarding our fields of activity,
  • To produce quality and reliable products,
  • To consider the interests of our employees and other stakeholders,
  • To increase our profitability and productivity,
  • To ensure customer satisfaction,
  • Doing the right job at the right time,

are our basic policies.


In this direction, as Royal Cam:

To inform and raise awareness of our employees and all other stakeholders using training and communication channels,

To determine our effects on the product, the environment and our employees in advance by making risk assessment in terms of environment, occupational safety and energy management systems in our products, to carry out studies that will eliminate or minimize possible risks,

We undertake to evaluate the effectiveness of our management systems and the targets and programs that make up these systems through regular reviews and to carry out the necessary studies in line with the sustainability principle for continuous improvement.